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Dr. Randall Kinnison

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IMG_9063Dr. Kinnison is a professional who brings over 30 years of experience surrounding mediation, counseling, and helping others solve difficult life issues. He graduated with honors with a BA, Masters and Doctoral degrees. Dr. Kinnison has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  He is active in the community serving on non-profit boards and assisting others in a variety of services.  Randy and Sharlyne were married over 34 years ago and together have five children.

The parents of Dr. Kinnison divorced when he was an adolescent.  His two siblings experienced divorce as well.  He understands the emotions, dynamics, and results of divorce.  He works hard to maintain or even improve communication between parents with children.  Dr. Kinnison is experienced in helping  couples navigate the turbulent waters of divorce.  He provides guidance and assistance in coming to common ground and moving forward.

Dr. Kinnison has assisted over a hundred families deal with life transitions, death of loved ones, and estate issues.  He understands family dynamics and the underlying root causes of conflict.  Dr. Kinnison will do far more than just help sort out a conflict.  He can formulate plans of action to keep families away from conflict and focused on their love one.

Dr. Kinnison has led or established non-profits for the last 30 years.  He understands the dynamics between boards, management, staff, and customers.  He teaches conflict management skills and interoffice communication.  He assists in succession planning in sole proprietorship, family business or partnerships.  He has expertise in productivity, leadership, and building consensus. He assists in the forming of partnerships and family businesses as well as dissolutions.  He works with small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits and corporations.