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Mediation in Business

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Business in ConflictBusiness Mediation is an effective alternative dispute resolution process in the workplace.  Compared to litigations, Genesis Mediation can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time. 

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Many business contracts have mediation clauses as a necessary process in conflict resolution.  Yet, most businesses retain attorneys to conduct mediation in a fashion that often overlooks the emotional components of impasse.  The medical community is discovering by simply offering an apology in mediation, litigation is averted. 

Clients, customers and patients are frustrated by litigation.  When providers only respond through counsel, parties never have the opportunity to resolve a conflict face to face. Business owners choosing mediation find it far less costly than hiring attorneys or business consultants. 

Mediation is a rather new paradigm as a resource for businesses.  For the price of a letter from an attorney, a business owner can purchase a two-hour session of mediation to resolve the dispute early in the conflict.  No escalation, no litigation. Relationships are also often salvaged in the process.

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