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Moving Mom, Again!

I am the one responsible for my mom. I must make the best decisions on her behalf. Last Saturday, I needed to move her for the third time. Moving someone you love three times in three years just plan sucks! The first move was over three years ago from her condo to an assisted living [...]

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Do You Have a Drop Dead File?

Do you have a Drop Dead File? I hate to be so morbid, but if something happened to you today, who and how would those around you pick up the pieces? Death does not discriminate between age, sex, race, or economic status. Accidents happen. Heart attacks happen. Cancer happens. Alzheimer’s happen. Death happens. What will [...]

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Why I Still Go See My Mom

Why I Still Go See My MomMy mom has dementia.  She was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment four years ago. She had a 20% chance of remaining somewhat stable, a 20% chance of rapid development, and a 60% chance of the gradual march of increased impairment. My mom was the gradual march. This is why [...]

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