Six Good Reasons Why You Want Conflict

What did you say?  I should want conflict, welcome conflict, even seek it out?  Exactly!  Why do you want conflict?  Here are six good reasons: You want people willing to disagree with you.  You are not as good, perfect, intelligent, and amazing as you think.  I am part of a small group of business men [...]

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Thanksgiving Beats Anger

Thanksgiving Beats Anger When I am grateful for someone or something, I find it difficult to  remain angry at the same time. The holidays are quickly approaching, and with it, sometimes very interesting and conflicted family gatherings. Here are a couple of Thanksgiving Tips. First, create a Thanksgiving List of people, including some of those [...]

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Finding Your Balance

When something is out of balance, you might ignore it for a while. A wheel out of balance on your car can be an inconvenience and a rough ride until the tire wears thin. Then, you have a blow out and potential accident. Some blood levels out of balance might not even affect you until [...]

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3 Ways Thankfulness Creates Peace

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Did you know cultivating an attitude of gratitude can actually create more peace in your life and for those around you? Here are 3 things to consider . . .The first way to create more peace is forgiveness. I can already here some of you groaning. “You don’t know my [...]

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Taming the Tongue

20 tips for Communication in the Workplace -Dr. Randall L. Kinnison 1. Use email or text for data communication only. 2. NO EMAIL OR TEXT that can be misunderstood or escalate conflict. Consider WHO you copy and WHY you copy them. 3. Keep short accounts. Take care of miscommunication immediately. Things will only grow and [...]

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Becoming a peaceful person

I work with people in many different contexts; family, work, neighborhood, etc. No matter the environment or situation, I usually find some peaceful people. I call them “bulletproof.” The storms of conflict are swirling around them, yet they remain unaffected. How? What do these people possess that others do not? Here are three quick tips [...]

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Three Quick Tips to Avoiding Conflict

We have all seen the YouTube videos of workplace conflict that make us laugh.  I use a compilation for training that is hilarious, that is, unless you are the one in conflict.  The reality? Workplace conflict, either between partners, staff, or employees costs businesses billions of dollars annually.  Now, you do not have a billion [...]

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