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Please call us at (503) 352-9447 for more information or schedule a FREE 15 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION with one of our mediators.  Divorce Mediation creates peaceful outcomes and saves you thousands of dollars.

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Divorce is too often costly both financially and emotionally. Mediation avoids the adversarial relationships developed through litigation. Most couples remain civil, friendly and helpful through a mediation process. Genesis Mediation gives couples worksheets to assist in the process to keep costs low and sessions productive. We can mediate the more difficult issues a couple may struggle to resolve.

Money and Kids are usually some of the hot spots a couple may find challenging to reach agreement upon. The highly experienced mediators at Genesis can help couples find common ground and keep focused on the most important thing – the children.

In cases where children are not involved, mediation still helps couples resolve difficult and cyclical arguments around money, assets and debt. We use other professionals as needed, including Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, Divorce Coaches, Child Therapists, and Attorneys. We are not attorneys, so the documents received will need preparation for filing to the courts.  Mediation, including filing and court fees, is usually half the price of the typical retainer of an attorney. 

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