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Divorce Options Workshop in Colorado

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Need Divorce Advice?


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Divorce Options Workshops:

  • All Divorce Option Workshop information will be available shortly as an online class. Please check back for more information.

More information on whats to come for Colorado:

Many couples find it helpful to hear the same material at the same time when considering options and information related to divorce.  Your spouse may not be ready to consider this topic, but you may want to gather information and understand the options related to divorce or separation.

Genesis is proud to offer this class at no cost to you and will be available online shortly.

In the Divorce Options Workshop online class, the following topics will be covered:

  •     What is child custody and how does it work in Colorado?
  •     What is the best parenting plan for the age of our/my children?
  •     What do we do if we are upside down on our house?
  •     How do we divide everything?
  •     What do we do with all of our debt?
  •     How much will I pay or receive in Child Support?
  •     How much will I pay or receive in Spousal Support?
  •     Can we do a divorce by ourselves?
  •     What is the cost of divorcing?
  •     When would attorneys be needed and why?
  •     How do I deal with the stress of conflict and worry over finances?

Please be advised that we cannot provide legal counsel.