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Divorce Options Workshop

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The Divorce Options Workshop was designed by Dr. Kinnison to help individuals and couples receive a wealth of information related to the divorce process and options. If your spouse can join you, hearing the same material at the same time is very helpful when considering a divorce. 

Your spouse may not be ready to consider this topic, but you want to gather information and understand options related to divorce and separation. Mediation keeps the registrations to a small number to allow plenty of questions and interactions. 

You can choose from attending a live Divorce Options Workshop or watching the videos and scheduling a FREE 15-minute consultation afterwards. 


January 28, 9a-12p
Tigard Office (Just off I-5 and 217)
Presenter – Dr. Randall Kinnison, Founder and Managing Partner

January 21, 9a-12p
Hollywood District (Just off I-84)
Presenter – Mr. Mark Weller, J.D. 

At the Divorce Options workshop, the following topics will be discussed:

  •     What is custody and how does it work in Oregon?
  •     What is the best parenting schedule with the age of our/my children?
  •     What do we do if we are upside down on our house?
  •     How do we divide everything?
  •     What do we do with all of our debt?
  •     How much will I pay or receive in Child Support?
  •     How much will I pay or receive in Spousal Support?
  •     Can we do a divorce by ourselves?
  •     What is the cost of getting a divorce?
  •     When would attorneys be needed and why?
  •     How do I deal with the stress of conflict and worry over finances?

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Divorce Options Workshop


Introduction to the Divorce Options Workshop – Dr. Randall Kinnison
The Various Options to Consider Surrounding Divorce – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Reconciliation and Therapeutic/Trial Separation – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Legal Separation – Dr. Randall Kinnison
The Divorce Option – Dr. Randall Kinnison
The Divorce Process – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Custody and Parenting Time in Oregon – Mark Weller, J.D.
Settlement and Building a Balance Sheet – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Divorce with a Business – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Next Steps – Dr. Randall Kinnison
Child Support-Dr. Randall Kinnison