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Our elder care mediators speak on a regular basis and are pleased to offer the following presentations to your senior group or community.  Please contact us for more information and scheduling. 

 The Decision Tree of Aging – Aging is rarely easy.  With it comes many questions and decisions surrounding life and medical transitions:  Where will they live? What situation and facility best meets our needs?   How can I increase care and with whom?   How do we pay for it all?  

Families are not always in agreement, and out of town children can view things differently than the family in town. Yet there are many potential and real conflict points in the aging process.  Topics of discussion at this presentation are as followed:  the aging process, conflict areas, and how to avoid or resolve them

The Decision Tree of Aging is a helpful, comprehensive tool to aid families plan through the aging process.  Time for questions will be included.

Honoring Aging Parents – Children want to honor the wishes of their parents.  This becomes more difficult as roles begin to reverse and decision-making is compromised.  Not all siblings agree on where parents will reside and what type or frequency of care will be provided.  Therefore, children can become extremely frustrated with uncooperative or demanding parents – some age gracefully, others age with rage.  Parents then become frustrated with their adult children, feeling pushed out the home and forced into decisions.  Even the best of families can find themselves in conflict during the aging process.

 To answer all these situations, this workshop is ideally designed for parents and children to attend together.  Time for questions will be included.

Creating Family Peace in Times of Turmoil – Families are not always in agreement when it comes to making important decisions, especially during particularly stressful times.  This presentation addresses Understanding Poor Methods of Conflict Resolution, How to Handle Conflict in a Healthy Manner, and Tips for Keeping Families Out of Conflict.  Time for questions will be included.

Transitions from Independent Living – This workshop addresses sensitive issues surrounding aging and moving parents out of their home. Topics of discussion include:  Change, Loss of Home, Physical and Mental Health, Benefits of Moving into a Senior Community, Family Friction, and Creating a Family Care Plan.  Time for questions will be included.

Caring for the Family Caregiver – This presentation covers how to decide on a family caregiver, removing potential issues, resourcing the caregiver, keeping finances transparent, relief for the caregiver and creating a Family Action Plan.  Time for questions will be included.

Mediation 101 for Elder Care – This is a basic summary of mediation services for everything you need to know relating to seniors and their families.  Time for questions will be included.

Mediation Strategies for Elder Care Professionals – This is an introduction to basic, interest-based mediation principles.  Topics of discussion:  Elder care mediation and how it can help professionals working in elder care services, life transitions, families in conflict with aging parents, disputes between clients and facilities/agencies, estate and trust disputes, family mediation for relational reconciliation and dynamics of family care giving.  Time for questions will be included.

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