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Colorful-raised-hands-The-con-45953338Conflict among non-profit leaders and board members is not uncommon.  Left unresolved, this conflict can split the board and ultimately the entire organization.

Non-profits present very specific challenges.  The boards of non-profits are populated with volunteers, many with strong personalities and people of influence.  Conflict can erupt in various spheres.

For example, Executive Directors of organizations may experience conflict with staff or board members. Some non-profits may interface with a constituency.  And if the non-profit appears to move in a direction opposed to some vocal supporters, the risk can be great.

Support from major donors is critical for non-profits.  Occasionally, conflict may emerge between a major donor and the organization. Because non-profits work on limited budgets and depend on funding from either foundations, grants or donors, the cost of conflict can devastate or even shut down a non-profit.

Genesis Mediation founder Dr. Randall Kinnison has over 30 years of experience with non-profits. He, along with his staff,  has lead non-profits, started non-profits, participated on the boards of non-profits, and consulted for non-profits.  He understands the perspective of leaders, staff, and board members.  Genesis Mediation offers discounted rates for non-profits and seeks to work within budget constraints.  Call for a FREE Phone Consultation.

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