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20 tips for Communication in the Workplace

-Dr. Randall L. Kinnison

1. Use email or text for data communication only.

2. NO EMAIL OR TEXT that can be misunderstood or escalate conflict. Consider WHO you copy and WHY you copy them.

3. Keep short accounts. Take care of miscommunication immediately. Things will only grow and spread.

4. Review your written communication before sending. Avoid the use of inflammatory language.

5. If you get pushback, consider if you may have initiated the response. An apology may be needed.

6. Nobody gets thrown under the bus. Think consideration and peace.

7. Cultivate a heart at peace. Peace spreads to others. SO DOES WAR. A heart at war will find others to join him or her in the battle.

8. Speak encouragement to team members weekly.

9. No Gossip. Gossip can create an atmosphere of judgment, distrust, abuse, and intolerance. Gossip destroys many work environments.

10. You have two ears and one mouth – use them in proportion.

11. Don’t raise your voice. You make a more powerful point under control.

12. Don’t use a condescending voice. No one wants another parent.

13. Create “open feedback loops.” Let others know they can talk with you.

14. Don’t interrupt.

15. Don’t editorialize. Keep to the facts and don’t fill in the blanks.

16. Practice “Fierce Conversations.” (Susan Scott) Learn how to communicate with truth and grace.

17. Before you leave a meeting or a conversation, check in to see what each person takes away.

18. Remember you live in a different land (department). You will see work through a different lens. Speak the language of the team, not your homeland.

19. Return to original intent. Most people begin in a good space. Find out where the train left the tracks.

20. There is a difference between perfection and excellence. When you pursue a job to perfection, often a cost is involved; either to yourself, or your relationships at work, home, or others. Seek excellence. Leave perfection for those with OCD.

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