You Thought a Real Estate Investment With Someone Would Be Simple, But There Were Problems

You are disputing the original agreement

Your partnership documents are not clear on decisions for the property

You hoped to help a family member but got a nightmare instead

You are arguing when to sell and for how much

Your partner is not helping

You want to get out of the partnership but are not sure how

The longer the conflict drags out, the more damage there is to relationships and business. Unresolved conflict is like cancer that eats away at your relationship with your partner. For many real estate conflicts that come to us, that relationship is a family or a good friend. We can help you resolve the conflict and keep the relationship.

We at Genesis Mediation, together with our clients, have found resolutions to sticky situations for over 17 years. We immediately jump in to help dial down conflict. We understand the pressure that real estate can generate on a family or partnership. We are here to help you, whether you want to remain in the partnership or wish to leave. We help you avoid expensive attorney fees and come to a peaceful resolution. 

We Have Found This Three Step Process Very Helpful in Guiding You Through Conflict

Step One – Stop the Destructive Conflict

Conflict intervention is the first step in creating peace

Step Two – Rebuild Trust and Clarity

We help you define and clarify areas to address in order to rebuild trust


Step Three – Get Back to Real Estate Investment and Success

Enjoy the reason for your partnership and move forward with success. If the partnership is dissolved, help you both more forward in peace

How it Works

We IMMEDIATELY jump in and de-escalate the conflict. Everyone takes a breath. 

We work together with you on any time-sensitive decisions that can impact the business or property. 

Now, we begin the process of assessments to identify the root issues of the conflict. 

Once we identify the root issues, then we create a roadmap with you to rebuild your partnership. At this point, some partners may elect to end a partnership and want out. 

We help you follow the roadmap to the destination, either in rebuilding the partnership or dissolution in a peaceful manner. 

Rebuilding trust takes time. We have found that partners appreciate a helpful, guiding hand on the road back to a healthy relationship. We help smooth out some of the bumps and point out obstacles you can jointly overcome. We highly recommend a year of a guiding influence. Don’t worry, the cost is less than you think. 

If dissolution is the decisions, we help you both to find a result that is fair and equitable. 

Everyone moves forward with a new sense of energy and focus. 

Your Peace Starts Here 

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