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You Can Create Peace and Make Money!

Dr. Kinnison, AKA Doctor Peace, can help you launch a new career as a mediator. 

You gave always thought about a career in mediation, but…

  • You didn’t know how to get started
  • You couldn’t afford the training
  • You were afraid to leave your day job
  • You needed help to build a profitable practice

You can keep helping someone else make money, or you can being investing in your own future. As a mediator, your hourly rate can equal or surpass those with years of education adn school debt.

Doctor Peace, along with the Genesis firms, offers mediaiton training and resources to build a profitable practice.

You Need a Trusted Guide to Build a Private Practice

Dr. Kinnison has more than 10,000 hours of mediation experience. He has built several firms that use mediation skills to address conflict and chaos in families, businesses, and communities. He can help you build a mediation practice with income and flexibility.

The Plan For Your New Future


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Contact Dr. Kinnison for a consultation. All questions are welcome!


Begin Your Journey

Begin your journey of training.


Build Your Practice

Build your practice, and your new life!

The training and support from Dr. Kinnison helped me to create a great mediation practice. I owe him so much!


The plan for your new future

Consult With Dr. Kinnison

Get your questions answered and see if mediation might be a good choice.

Do Your 40-Hour Basic Training

You begin with a 40-hour basic mediation training. The content is available online, and you can complete the course in your own time. Once the online courses are complete, you attend two days of live training with the primary focus on role-play (which is required for mediation training). You can sign up for your training here.

Do Your Specialty Training

You will need additional specialty training for specific practice areas. Dr. Kinnison offers training in divorce, business, and eldercare.

Gain Experience

This step can be the most challenging. If yo live in the Portland area, there may be opportunities through Genesis to get experience. If you live outside of Portland, Dr. Kinnison will attempt to help you gain experience in your area. 

Build Your Practice

Dr. Kinnison offers help with mentoring and marketing to grow your practice.

Enjoy Your New Life!

Choose your lifestyle. You select your mix of in-person or virtual clients and your working yours. 

Your Peace Starts Here.

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